I think I may be done with Battlefield 3

It’s the game that many people upgraded their PCs for but Battlefield 3 isn’t the darling that Bad Company 2 was, at least for me and the guys I play with.

Expectations were high for this game. The trailers promised massively destructible environments and so much more but the final game did not live up to the hype. I guess it couldn’t really, could it? We were expecting a game that would be the second coming of Christ in gaming terms, weren’t we? If Jesus played any game, he’d choose Battlefield 3. Now I think he’d probably pick up Skyrim and go adventuring by himself wielding swords and magic fireballs to defeat his foes!

I played Bad Company 2 since early 2010. It wasn’t always a rosy relationship (remember C4 on the MCOM stations?) but it took over a year for me to become as apathetic towards it as I am about Battlefield 3 now. The latter game only came out in September! Veterans of PC gaming gush about Battlefield 2. Do you feel the same about Battlefield 3?

I’ve let my Xbox Live subscription lapse, and I’ll probably trade in the Xbox version of BF3 for store credit. I’ll still jump into a game (on PS3) if anyone wants but the heady excitement of the early days has already worn off.

There is a ray of light, for me at least. I’ve rediscovered single player gaming. Skyrim kept me distracted for a few hours over the Christmas holidays but it’s Saints Row the Third that is my favourite game of 2011. There is so much silly and creative fun and idiocy in that game that it’s a pleasure to play. It’s even better coop!

Closely following that game, I have to admit the many hours I put into Darwinia were a pleasure too. Such a simple game but the story gripped me – help a developer rid his computer generated world of viruses! Loved that.

Catch you all in Killing Floor, L4D2, or most likely anything but Battlefield 3…

7 thoughts on “I think I may be done with Battlefield 3

  1. I was so close in buying a new rig to play BF3 and I’m so glad I didn’t, what a let down that would have been. Just a shame to see a game that had potential go down the tubes with everyone that I know.

    I’m close to hanging up this game for good for a lot of reasons but recently it comes down to the professionalism shown by some Dice employees on Twitter. I hate companies that treat customers like fools and that’s what its starting to feel like now.

    Anyhow, I’m glad I’m not throwing all my time towards one single game which is why I stop playing Skyrim even though its such an excellent game. Saints Row The Third just had me laughing from start to finish, what a gem of a game.

    Looking through the releases for 2012 I think its going to be a very cheap year for me unless of course I go mad on Steam which I have already done.

  2. I think you will get a positive view from the b2c pc platoon sir. I do agree that bfbc2 had some epic game nights for the clan (sheds a tear for those fri night skirmishes!). Any night of the week is bf3 night and you are guaranteed a squad from b2c as well as our friendlies (ETU). We have our own Teamspeak server so comms are easy and always part of our game. We also now have our own BF3 server thanks to Ravecoolr. Its early days for bf3 and the PC Platoon and a few of our members have signed up to the ESL (Electronic Sports League) and are in practice for competitive matches. Once again thanks to Ravecoolr we will soon have our new b2c website up and running with features that will grow the clan and bf3 into perhaps the game it should be….so don’t give up just yet! like life, gaming is what you make it and at times we all need a bit of direction…that is all 🙂

  3. I’m looking forward to what the Indie bundles bring us. I’ve had so much fun with some of those games they’ve turned my head from the AAA titles.

    It looks like we’re not alone in leaving BF3, although for different reasons 😉

    boriscat1 – thanks for the positive comment! I haven’t bought a new PC yet and I don’t fancy joining you at 640×480. Later in the year when my money will stretch to a better spec machine though!

  4. Yeah seen his tweet that he was leaving the BF3 team. I wonder if they’ll be planning BFBC3 soon, they never confirmed or denied it will be developed 🙂

    Borris, I’m in the process of building a new business PC but I’m going to pimp that bad boy out. I have BF3 on disc here so you never know, I may get on for some games with you guys just to see what its like.

  5. I agree, BF3 has been a big let down. Probably one of the most frustrating games that I own. I stuck through it for a while, but it’s seriously missing a “fun” factor. I can’t really describe what it is besides just being more frustrating than fun.

    I just finished the main story element of Saints Row 3, and I still love that game. Open-world, ridiculous, and endless. Just the way games should be.

    I think our friend and co-worker put it best, “Before I was willing to work to respect a game to enjoy it. Now I want the game to also work to respect me in the process.”

  6. The new website is looking great and I have some birthday money so maybe I will buy it on PC just to play with you guys on the PC and for the lol’s but don’t expect me to kill anyone as realistically I just cant get on with keyboard/mouse… Using left hand for mouse means having to remap everything which is a right pain.

  7. After Gavin showed me a YT video recording using the same sort of spec machine as I have (with a weaker CPU though) I reinstalled, and 15GB later I had a game at low settings with Steam, Tweetdeck, and browser tabs shut down and it was playable!

    It only managed 1280×800 but there was no tearing and jittering. It’s going to take me a while to setup my mouse the way I like it as it’s way too sensitive even after I adjusted it. Glad my mouse can change that setting as I was in a tank for a while! I even came out with a positive KDR! (which when playing with strangers is probably the only measure of how well you do)

    I doubt it’ll extend the life of the game that much for me but I’ll give it a go anyway.

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