Yeah, I am enjoying it but the methods used to join games annoy me. When I played with TyeWebb first we both played on the same team and we kicked ass but the last time we always ended up on opposite teams! Of course, Tye kicked my ass most of the time!

The console versions might have the handicap of using a controller but at least they allow players to squad up before a game. I really find it odd the PC version doesn’t have something similar and also a “play now” button with configurable game settings to match a server. One of those PC things?

Possibly the best platform to play BfBC2 is the Xbox 360. You have XBL party chat for 8 players, pre-game squad making and players usually only get dumped on to the other team when your own team is full. ‘Course this can lead to a really powerful team of skilled players.. Me and my friends+Coyno and his friends steamrolled through lots of games a few weeks back 🙂

Oh yeah, I have to shut down every other programme on my PC to play the game at 1280×800 at low settings but at least I get > 60fps except when there’s lots of smoke around. I need to start saving up for a games machine for BF3!