Dino D-Day looks nice!

Dino D-Day looks nice and pretty! Servers are a bit empty though. I came across one player who logged in as a dinosaur but he couldn’t get me because I was on the roof of a shed. Neither could I get him because my rifle didn’t seem to do any damage.

He logged in a few minutes later as a Nazi and I got my first kill after I followed him around for a bit.

With players this could be a great game, I played the market level and it felt very varied and graphics were gorgeous.

I wonder if they’ll get the players?

3 thoughts on “Dino D-Day looks nice!

  1. Just got done playing for several hours. They do have some servers up now, they were labeled as US west coast, so not sure if you guys will be able to see or get in them. The triceratops kind of sucks, but the velociraptor it really fun to play as. I was goated a couple times by one guy who was quite good, if you don’t know about the goats just wait. There was also a developer in the server playing with us and seemed like a pretty nice guy and answered questions. There are just some hilarious things in this game, for example the sniper can throw a dead rabbit on the ground to distract dinosaurs.

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