You know, there’s basically no need for you to use an external tutorial.
Machinarium has a built-in one from what I remember while playing it. It’s in the form of a simple arcade game that, if you beat it, gives you a complete walkthrough clue for what you need to do next (with respect to the location that you are in). And from then on making a walkthrough is as simple as beating the arcade mini game each time you’re stuck and copying and pasting the walkthrough image shown afterwards in a graphics editor and saving it for later use (and referring to the images when you need them). That’s basically all it takes to beat the game (apart from a love of minimalism and painting/sketch-like visual design). 😉

Enjoy the game, it is indeed one of the true gems of contemporary indie games, not to mention of adventure/quest games, which have always been few and far in between for years now (although the tide seems to be shifting in recent times).