BfBC2 Defending on Cold War

A game I played on Cold War with randoms a few days ago. We were defending and I joined half way through. This level is small! It’s like the “Nuketown” of Bad Company 2!

Update: Here’s Gavin’s video showing a win while attacking on Cold War. Great first commentary!

7 thoughts on “BfBC2 Defending on Cold War

  1. Aww and here is me rendering my first commentary video convincing you of how good Cold War is 🙂 You have some great kills in that video, what do you think of the Saiga shotgun? I’ve haven’t used on that map as I’ve platinum for it already, working on my spas shotgun at the mo which crazy to control.

    I’ve another video here of being recon on defence for that map. Will also try and get it uploaded.

  2. I look forward to seeing that video! I like the Saiga because of the fire rate. Aren’t all shotguns the same damage anyway? I’m still not convinced about Cold War though. My KDR after each game I played was terrible, and it wasn’t like my poor KDR was used winning the game either. As you may have noticed, none of my squad mates were using their mics so it was very much every man for himself!

    1. Why don’t you give the F2000 with 40mm Shotgun a shot. It’s good for this map which has mid range and CQB action. I also choose lightweight or the grenade upgrade too with magnum. If you’re engaging more than one target, you can blast your 40mm, quick switch to the F2000 and then quick switch to your m9,mp443 or m1911.

      If you still like the Saiga, I suggest dropping magnum and going with the extended shotgun capacity. You have to worry less about reloads and magnum doesn’t add much to this shotgun.


      1. I’ll give that a go, thanks for the suggestion! I’m not very comfortable with shotguns anyway 🙂

        I actually won a game on this map last night, attacking. I used the XM8 P, with 40mm grenade to break down walls and flanked on the lake side of the village! Still came out with a KDR of 0.50. Must improve that next!

  3. The Saiga is a great shotgun, I love using it with lightweight and mag ammo. The only thing about this shotgun is its only 6 rounds so reloading it during a close quarter battle with more than 2 enemies gets tricky. The combat shotgun is the most powerful out of them all, another great one to try but takes little practice to get the shots right.

    Interesting you mentioned the use of the mic, I make a little note about it on my video. I think this map is a little bit awkward for team coordination. Maybe that’s just me as I’m more used to playing as lonewolf.

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