Bad Company 2 Valparaiso Rush

This is a game of rush with Duck from about a week ago. We had great fun in this one, well, I did anyway, especially when it appeared that Duck spontaneously blew up right in front of me! Watch our gamertags when that happens. The speakers are constantly lit as I laugh hysterically and Duck wonders in shock what happened!

I follow the Cardsnumber7 route out through the water in base 3, and (re)discover that I can set the bomb on that MCOM station while under the thing.

After that things just went downhill, ah well.

0 thoughts on “Bad Company 2 Valparaiso Rush

    1. Har, har!

      I’ve successfully defended that crate after the same sort of steamroll happen to me so I shouldn’t be surprised it’d happen to me too! Still smarts that we were brought to a stand still so quickly!

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