Well, two rubbish games of rush on Isla,…

Well, two rubbish games of rush on Isla, and one decent game of Conquest where we slaughtered the opposition. Good night of gaming! 🙂

Next time I’m playing I’m heading to Atacama Desert. I totally forgot about Nick’s video describing a very successful strategy for piloting the Hind on that level. Hopefully I do better than the last time where I flipped it within seconds of taking off. Yes, yes, I have it recorded. So does Duck. Oops.

Black Ops will probably arrive tomorrow so may fire that up in the evening for a game or two. I can’t believe it sold even more than Modern Warfare 2 on it’s first day. Activision are just raking in the money with that franchise, no matter who develops it.

0 thoughts on “Well, two rubbish games of rush on Isla,…

    1. First of all I saw your UAV video on Twitter, then after blogging it I saw this one and thought, “Aw damn, can’t really be posting yet another video by him!” but it’s too good to pass up.

      I hope Colin sees this and posts a link to it on his next strategy video, it certainly deserves more than the 53 views I saw earlier today! Great start to your commentaries! 🙂

      1. Thanks much Donncha, I need to improve my editing a bit and use better artwork. I also need to raise my audio level for commentary. I’m still a bit sick so once that passes, I’ll get a bit more cheery on my next few vids. I think it’s going okay for my first week at this Youtube thing.

        Colin sure was helpful in getting me started with many technical details. I won;t be bugging him with any shoutouts or anyone else for that matter, I’ll take my growth organically.

        Thanks again!

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