Hanging out with Crate Bashers

This is how Nick discourages C4/UAV bombing of the MCOM stations!

I’ve got a funny UAV clip to upload, one with Duck in it. You guys will enjoy it. Pity the team chat wasn’t recorded though as it was hilarious! 🙂



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    1. I spawned in and found these evildoers loading C4 on the UAV. I proceeded to use my M16 to shoot their C4 and anyone who was close enough to their own C4 committed suicide. Unfortunately I was a scrub and only got 2 out of 3 evildoers.

      I don’t like when someone does UAV/C4 to me, so I try not to let it happen on my team. I’d rather take a loss than to win by this tactic.


      1. Oookay. That makes more sense. You spawned in and kept the team from doing that. I thought your team took control of the UAV to prevent it from being used by the other team.

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