Argh! The team we were just playing with…

Argh! The team we were just playing with sucked! We did a great job defending but alas, they got the plant and blew each of the crates. Still, the other games were great. First one was touch and go but the other team won in the end but we won the next 2 games I think, and finally lost the last one.

My skill level has gone up to 296 (or 166 according to BC2), KDR remains at 0.82 but KDR for the night was a respectable 1.22. Got an award too, the Air Warfare pin. I had the one UAV up almost the whole time on Port Valdez. Destroyed their Hind before it even got off the ground. But later the defenders sent their helicopters back twice to try and kill me. The first time the Hind crashed after I shot it to pieces, and the other heli successfully landed but the solitary soldier who got out was easy pickings for me as I jumped off the UAV controls. I boarded the heli but it only had 2 points of health so abandoned it.

Phew, needed a good night of reasonably fair and matched teams after the previous two nights! Thanks Mike and Gary for playing! Sorry Garry for shooting you when we were defending Alpha. You moved! Good thing it wasn’t hardcore! 🙂

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