New Map Modes for Bad Company 2

This post on has the scoop on leaked information about “new” maps for Bad Company 2. Of course like previous “map packs”, they’re simply the current maps with new modes. Looks like someone hacked the content we already have and unlocked it before EA blessed us with the VIP goodness.

There are leaked photos here and a gallery of screenshots too.

What’s new?

  • Conquest mode at Port Valdez.
  • Conquest mode at Nelson Bay (daytime instead of night).
  • Rush mode at Atacama Desert.
  • Rush mode at White Pass.
  • More vehicles everywhere.
  • New vehicle is a moon-buggy type of HL2-buggy thing.

There are two VIP slots left in the BC2 store so don’t expect all this in one go, if ever. It’ll be drip fed to us. It’s shocking how bad EA/DICE have treated their customers.

0 thoughts on “New Map Modes for Bad Company 2

    1. There’s a great comment on the reddit post:

      Funny how the BC2 golden goose is turning out just as bad as MW2.

      I’d say it’s worse. At least MW2 owners were offered new maps, even if at inflated prices.

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