What did Bad Company 1 look like?

I was a big fan of Bad Company 1, the single player game, last year when I bought it. Night after night I played it until I got to the village where you have to blow up the bridges to stop US forces advancing. No matter what I did I could not complete that stage! It was so frustrating! I bought MW2 and a Gold subscription to Xbox Live shortly after and haven’t really looked at BC1 since.

So, it was nice to see that bharlan2002 has posted a commentary on “Harvest Day”, a map set in rolling hills and farmhouses. Unfortunately his commentary is too low but I still enjoyed it and I wonder if DICE will bring back some of the maps from the previous game. There are still two VIP slots left in the store. Let’s hope they fill them with real map packs, and not “mode packs”.

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  1. I hope that for the ‘VIPs’ they definitely release something that makes us feel important for once.

    I tried to watch that vid but in order to listen to his commentary I had to risk permanent deafness from the game audio so had to stop :sadface:

  2. I loved BC1, thought the online play was excellent. I’d love to see them bring those old maps into BC2 as some of them were fantastic for fire fights.

    1. Mike, you should stick all these things on your blog. I’m rubbish at keeping up to date with what’s going on with all these things, but you always seem to know quite a lot about what’s going on with updates and what not.

      1. I should but I’m not the best speller (that took me two goes) and it take me aged that’s why I was looking at getting a HD PVR. I also think my blog’s are rubbish because of my crappy vocabulary and time, but getting the new iphone on Thursday so see what that is like and might start up again.

      2. I agree with Dave. Mike I’m worst speller out there and my grammar is really bad but yet I run several websites and blogs. Dont let it put you off 🙂

  3. Bad Co. 1 has it in Spades over Bad Co. 2. . . I could never understand why they made such drastic changes. Out of my own friends list, I would say that 80% of my friends who ALL played BF:BF 1 prefer it over BF:BC 2. I feel like EA is releasing these Alternate scenarios to placate their audience; but they are missing the mark. Look at 1943 – that game was fun for about 15 minutes, and when people realized it was nothing more than a flash-based game, they came back in droves to BF:BC 1.
    When BF:BC 2 was released there was a lot of hype, but then the game-play lacked several critical comfort standards that people had become used to thru BF:BC 1. Me? I’m a knifer. The method in which this is performed in BC 2 is ridiculous to the point that it isn’t even fun to do in BC 2.
    Releasing Vietnam for BF:BC 2 is like releasing Ms. Pac Man extended for the WoW platform: completely worthless.
    Sorry, but I’ll be staying with BC 1 and pray to God that they release some additional maps for us.

    1. I’d give BC1 another go, if I had the time to devote to it but these days it’s one game or no game. The joys of being a dad who plays videogames!

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