Bad Co. 1 has it in Spades over Bad Co. 2. . . I could never understand why they made such drastic changes. Out of my own friends list, I would say that 80% of my friends who ALL played BF:BF 1 prefer it over BF:BC 2. I feel like EA is releasing these Alternate scenarios to placate their audience; but they are missing the mark. Look at 1943 – that game was fun for about 15 minutes, and when people realized it was nothing more than a flash-based game, they came back in droves to BF:BC 1.
When BF:BC 2 was released there was a lot of hype, but then the game-play lacked several critical comfort standards that people had become used to thru BF:BC 1. Me? I’m a knifer. The method in which this is performed in BC 2 is ridiculous to the point that it isn’t even fun to do in BC 2.
Releasing Vietnam for BF:BC 2 is like releasing Ms. Pac Man extended for the WoW platform: completely worthless.
Sorry, but I’ll be staying with BC 1 and pray to God that they release some additional maps for us.