I’ve only played a couple of them myself, so here’s my opinion on them:
1. Mario Kart – like you said, but with cheating douches included
2. Bomberman – there’s a multiplayer in Bomberman? Are we talking about the c64 version?
3. Street Fighter – Was never any good at it, so my experience is tarnished with arse handings.
4. Halo – never liked it due to it being Fastest Finger Wins to me.
5. Micro Machines – never played it
6. Battlefield – only played BFBC2, and we know how we all feel about that.
7. Worms – played against friends on the original Playstation and then Worms 3D on the Gamecube – a good fun game. AI is a complete pig-dog though!
8. Pac-man Vs – never heard of it.
9. Team Fortress 2 – not played it
10. Starcraft – not played it.