0 thoughts on “Bad Company 2 grief

    1. Yeah, I watched that one just before lunch and I was going to make a separate blog post about it but you beat me to it.

      Loved the Christmas tune and then the recon guy blows up! 🙂

    2. That part where players were clearly inside the lanscape reminds me of a time on Valparaiso, where I jumped onto a grassy area on the last part of the map and FELL THROUGH the floor..then the floor became the sky and I was falling through random textures, confused I pulled out my parachute and started tumbling down into nothingness…eventually the timer started running and I died, my teammates sent me messages saying stuff like WTF YOU JUST FELL THROUGH THE FLOOR? WHERE DID YOU GO? WTF??

      Needless to say it was the strangest thing I’ve ever encountered in this game.

      1. I wonder if Valve had a hand in making this game, and they wanted to plugin Portal 2? Except they forgot to link the portal to another one ..

        That was bizarre though. The worst that has happened to me has been the selection screen bug and getting stuck in some branches on that map. Had to suicide in both situations.

    3. I tend to only get that error if I try to select a kit after I’ve died, only to be revived…I always have to commit suicide on those occasions.

      1. I just found a similar bug! If you’re invited to another game and you’re about to join there’s a warning that you’ll lose XP and stuff from this game. If you’re revived the warning doesn’t go away! I had to kill myself!

  1. I think I came across a game where the mcom glitch had been used. The game was almost full but I couldn’t spawn, and the squad I joined were all dead. Weird.

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