Assault Class Guide, Attacking on Port Valdez (via Nightmare Mode)

Patricia posted a fairly comprehensive guide to attacking on Port Valdez. It’s long but worth the read, although I’d like to hear her opinion of using the attic attack on Alpha 1.

Sure, it’s not really necessary to use it but if you put C4 on the doors any defenders will blow themselves up when they enter!

(First go at reblogging!)

Assault Class Guide, Attacking on Port Valdez This post is part of an ongoing series of highly detailed strategy guides for Battlefield Bad Company 2 here at Nightmare Mode. This post assumes that you have read the first 10 basic tips, because a lot of the strategies are not possible without them. Please also note that this post does not always contain pictures of what is being spoken of…it is assumed that you play the game enough to know what parts of the map are being described. However, … Read More

via Nightmare Mode

0 thoughts on “Assault Class Guide, Attacking on Port Valdez (via Nightmare Mode)

  1. You know, I always wondered if you stuck C4 on doors if people would blow up when they knifed it…you saying this, I assume that that is the case? :O Wow…this opens up so many possibilities in my mind now 😛

    Also, did not know about that tactic…will have to use it sometime!

      1. Oh that’s right. I had forgotten that. Maybe something has changed or it could be on PC but this post says putting c4 on the door does work.

        Maybe the c4 has to be on the outside?

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