That last base in Arica Harbour is a b*t…

That last base in Arica Harbour is a b*tch to take. The defenders were made up of medics using M60s and MG3s, tough going up against them with the AN-94 close range. I was never so happy as when I got behind that last base. I think almost the whole squad spawned on me. Even if the other two didn’t have mics, they were at least listening.
I did get a long streak a few times and positive (or nearly) KDR in each game.

Great games with Conor. Some rounds were easy, some hard, but we won a load of them!

I leveled up to 22, KDR increased to 0.74, W/L increased to 1.37, got the M-COM attacker pin for blowing up 4 M-COM stations, second gold star for the AN-94 and unlocked the G3. We were busy bees.

By Donncha

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yeah, good times, woke up early this morning due to the heat and what could be post traumatic stress disorder.

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