Got online and Mick was just heading off…

Got online and Mick was just heading off so I hopped into a game of Bad Company 2 squad deathmatch. Thankfully I joined a team with 2 guys using their mics so it was fun. We won the first round fairly decisively, I got 8 kills, but didn’t do so well in the following games. KDR was steady around 1 or slightly below.

I joined a game of rush when those two left and joined a game attacking on Port Valdez. Alpha was already taken but since nobody was using their mic I wasn’t told until I had ridden a quad up to the smoking ruins of the building. Mick logged in and joined my squad so it was a relief to hear a friendly voice. Dunno what the rest of our squad made of our banter about the weather and the nice day we had today 🙂

We fairly quickly took each base, on the last base I got into a HUMV Mick was shooting from and drove us up to Alpha with the idea of setting the bomb there quickly. I did, but unfortunately a recon guy on the defending team had planted C4 on it and detonated it. Silly bugger killed me but also damaged his own crate! I spawned later as an engineer but I needn’t have bothered. We controlled their helicopter and the game finished quickly.

KDR has gone up by 0.01 to 0.71, got an extra 4 dog tags too. Mostly in SDM. Got a gold star for my an-94! Win/Loss ratio went down by 0.01 to 1.33. Oh well.

PS. check out Dave’s blog. He’s posting footage from some of our games!

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