Played some great games of Bad Company 2…

Played some great games of Bad Company 2 tonight. Started off with Mark, then Mick joined shortly after and we stopped the opposition on the first base of Nelson Bay! Woah!

We did lose one game I think, on Laguna Presa. Teams changed and they evened out but they were great fun to play. Defending the last Bravo crate on Laguna Presa was tense, especially as they had set a bomb with only a ticket or two left but we won eventually.

Uzi is pretty good, I used that tonight for the first time. Took down the Blackhawk on Port Valdez with a CG after tracing it. It flew straight overhead, whoosh, boom! Game ended in a win a few seconds later as Mick defended the bomb on Bravo.

Ranked to 21, got positive KDR almost all the time and unlocked the M16 and USAS-12.
Got a Gold Star for my AN-94 already. 144 kills. Only 57 yesterday.

KDR has increased by 0.03 to 0.70, Win/Loss ratio is 1.34. They’re headed in the right direction!

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