Bloody hell, the AN-94 rocks. Too many h…

Bloody hell, the AN-94 rocks. Too many hours playing Bad Company 2 tonight but once I got into a squad with David, Mick, Ross and then Muse we tore up the opposition. My KDR is inching up too, from 0.63 to 0.67!

In at least 2 games we actually managed to hold off the enemy attackers at the first base. It almost happened in Arica Harbour, and certainly happened while defending Isla. They didn’t even manage to get one crate on Isla in that game! I think most of the attackers were playing recon and stayed on the hill! It was almost too easy.

Having more than one person with a tracer really helps on levels with helicopters. Mick was a medic but traced several and I took them down on Valpairaso on a CG! On the other hand, when we were attacking Dave piloted the helicopter around the battlefield of the first base for several minutes acting as a mobile spawn point for the rest of us. A circling Apache would have lasted all of 20 seconds against us! I wonder if people on the other team were playing as squads or as lone wolves?

Seems I got my first demolition 2.0 kill last night. I think that was when I took Alpha 1 in Arica Harbour using a tank to destroy the building. Woo! I also got an explosive efficiency pin, long service radio warfare (100 tracer plants) and exemplary battlefield knowledge (10 silver stars). I unlocked the AN-94 (if that wasn’t obvious!), the M416, the UZI, M14 and Neostead 2000. I also unlocked the 4x scope for recons.

Oh yeah, had my best ever game in terms of kills last night. 30 kills in one game!

Edit: Dave already has some footage up on Youtube from the games last night. Obviously not a fan of the Lighthouse Family!

And more footage from the same game from this post. He blogged the night’s gameplay too.

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  1. And in other good news. We had a lie-in until 8:07am. I guess walking to the top of Torc Waterfall in Killarney had the desired effect on my son’s stamina and he slept an extra 90 minutes!

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