So, last night’s gameplay was a game of…

So, last night’s gameplay was a game of two halves. I lucked out joining a reasonably good squad by myself. We lost the first game, but won the next two defending. Dave joined me during the second game where I defended the town in Arica Harbour with a tank. Only got 6 kills in that game but plenty of spot assists and kill assists.
We defended on Port Valdez and held off the opposition on the first base to a win too!

At the end of that game Geoff pinged us so we squaded up with him and a friend, joined a game attacking Arica Harbour but then HyperMole joined so we all left the squad. Apparently non squad members can all talk together! I never realised this as NOBODY uses mics, let alone people not in squads. That didn’t last long though as the spawn point is so far away. Dave and myself squaded up and the others formed a squad too. I should have figured out at this stage that Dave and myself would be better off playing against a team matched to our skill level but you live and learn.

Unfortunately the next few games didn’t go so well. We lost attacking Arica Harbour on the last base, and then while defending on the same map lost again. A nemesis is a player who kills you 5 times. I had two of them. I did get a payback pin though, and Dave, “the knife ninja”, got one of their dog tags!

Even though we lost a few times my W/L ratio jumped up by 0.04, and my skill rating almost doubled. My KDR took a dive by 0.01% unfortunately but this proves that the skill rating depends on the skill level of those you kill. We were definitely matched against a great team, well beyond my abilities anyway. The more you kill higher skill level players the higher your skill level goes. The opposite is true too so all my deaths didn’t contribute much to their skill level. 🙂

I leveled up to 13, unlocked the final medic gun, unlock ALT fire too and I’m about halfway to 14. Looking forward to trying out magnum ammo.

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  1. Hmm, the post above makes it seem I’m ungrateful that we joined Geoff’s team which of course was silly of me. It’s always great to team up with friends online, even if I get slaughtered!

  2. My knife took a holiday in Ibiza….

    Thanks for all the revives btw – especially on the last stage attacking Arica Harbour – that damned heavy MG…..

    1. You’re very welcome. It felt like I had revived half our team there. I think I got 2 “5 revives in a round” pins in that round!

  3. I just remembered another crazy thing from last night – while defending the town on Arica Harbour most of our team were above in the base. The town was a ghost town but even though I was watching like a hawk they still flanked us. An engineer even had time to set C4 on the crate and detonated it when the crate was disarmed. Twice. Caught me in the blast both times when I didn’t get out of the way fast enough.

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