Bad Company 2 8 killstreak

MILEYCYRUSTHEVIRUS does a lot of things right in this video:

  1. He reloads in cover
  2. He flanked 3 opposing players and took them out starting with the one at the back
  3. He jumped and dodged out of the way
  4. He doesn’t look down the sights for close range kills.

The sensitivity of his controller is definitely a lot higher than mine is. I couldn’t spin around and move as fast as he is without sacrificing all attempts at aiming.

0 thoughts on “Bad Company 2 8 killstreak

  1. PC is easier to spin around faster.. I mention hipfire kills should be used more often in BC2 in my Machinima video.

    1. I sort of remember you saying that but in-game everything I’ve learned goes out the window when confronted by enemy close up. I sometimes lose it a bit, press the trigger and I’m in the habit of wildly swinging my aim away from the player who was supposed to be dead. That’s why engineers beat my M60 a lot. 😉

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