I’m all excited about Halo again. http:…

I’m all excited about Halo again.

I thought that Halo ODST was a pile of pooh. I enjoyed the campaign in Halo 3 but never played either game multiplayer which appears to be where these games really shine. Shame about ODST but Halo Reach and all it’s game modes and match making could rock online play. Watch the vide above and you too may become as enthusiastic as Anthony is for the new Halo game.

Now I’m glad I got ODST, it has an invite to the beta. 🙂

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  1. It does make it look very appealing….. but I’m not a Halo fan. Nintendo fanboy Mike leant me Halo 2 and I played most of the single player campaign on that. I got Halo 3 on the 360 and me and him played through the SP, but I didn’t bother with the online as I didn’t particularly enjoy the game.

    Horses for courses.

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