Way of the Exploding Grenade

When you’re just not up to playing Bad Company 2 online, fire up the single player game and start the first mission again. In that square where you first come across an enemy tank there are 2 ammo refills.

When you’ve taken care of the tank and accompanying infantry there’s something very relaxing and soothing about blasting seven shades of sh*te out of the surrounding buildings with a 40mm grenade launcher.
With a little patience you can earn a demolition trophy for the first house and then wander around as you do your best to demolish all the other overpriced housing nobody wants to buy because there’s a recession going on..

Oh, there’s another trophy for destroying 50 buildings but that might take a while.

0 thoughts on “Way of the Exploding Grenade

  1. I got the demolition award on the tank level. It says something like go in agressively, which I read as “destroy everything you see”……

  2. Haha, that was a fun level. I practically leveled the village with the UAV 🙂

    I got to bed last night at 9.20pm, asleep not long after. Feeling great now! Let’s go rush some bases! (Well, err, after the day is done, by which time I’ll probably be exhausted again!)

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