Smoking kills, I should know because I k…

Smoking kills, I should know because I killed an enemy in Bad Company 2 with a smoke grenade. Bet he was surprised!

Tough battles tonight. The other team were well organised and we lost 3 and won 1. Or maybe we were just crap? I doubt it because we got best squad at least once and we were top or near top of the leaderboard too.

Thanks to Dave, CavScout and RunAwayPancake for all their excellent team work. I stayed on way too long! Half an hour, that’s all I was going to play. Two hours later …

I did unlock the recon motion sensor, the MP-412 and the advanced optics for the tank, received the “Squad Teamwork Ops” award though. In a brief game on the Xbox earlier in the evening I unlocked the mortar and had the good luck to join a game on the winning side!

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