Bad Company 2 has been patched on the PC…

Bad Company 2 has been patched on the PC. Here’s some feedback on it from Reddit users:

  1. Balance tweaks coming tomorrow
  2. The M60 has, in fact, been nerfed (oh oh Dave! Better hope the PS3 version doesn’t get patched soon!)
  3. What improvements?
  4. Patch is live

At least when the consoles do get patched we’ll have a clearer idea of what weapon changes will take place.

Update! The list of weapon changes is live. The M60 has been nerfed! (via)

0 thoughts on “Bad Company 2 has been patched on the PC…

  1. My spidey senses tell me it’ll be soon, with the PS3 coming first and Xbox trailing long after.

    I could be wrong though as I haven’t been bitten by a radioactive spider. Nice to have the PC crowd acting as a guinea pig for the rest of us 🙂

    1. Remember Den? He says that, “The M60 is clearly showing 20 and 16.7 damage now.”

      That’s way down from the 25 -> 20 damage before, but that’s on PC only for now. That thread is interesting. The weapon balancing is going on in the server so it’ll be harder for people to hack the game files to figure out what exactly changed.

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