Rocking Rush in Bad Company 2

In the first game of rush I played with Dave, Geoff and SK we joined on Isla, attacking the final base. I laid down a load of smoke on Alpha while the others attacked and took the base and then did the same with Bravo. I was unfortunate to be killed once but we destroyed the other team 🙂

Positive KDR? Yes! Time to celebrate! Get out the bubbly! My overall stats didn’t improve all the much as Dave and myself had a few games by ourselves where we didn’t do so well. Nobody joined our squad and we were definitely at a disadvantage.

I unlocked the XM8 Compact and red dot sight (assault), MG36 (medic), tank smoke and got a gold star for the M60!

I realised while lying in bed last night how we might have taken Bravo in the second base on Laguna Presa. We were continually pushed back by medics and assault guys who congregated on the hill in front of the base. They could pick us off at their leisure from behind the cover of bushes.
What we should have done is gone back for a tank and/or driven up the side road that ends in a cul-de-sac (it’s across a narrow stream). It overlooks Bravo AFAIR. One or two guys up there could have supported a successful push onto the base.

In case you haven’t seen my iMP component cable review this morning, it’s been updated. It’ll be ditched as soon as I get replacement cables from Amazon. Bloody expensive business this.

PS. Check out Geoff’s latest video. Good game of defence there.

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