I’m still waiting on a reply from play-…

I’m still waiting on a reply from play-asia.com to my query over the weekend about the component switcher cable I ordered.

I’m not prepared to wait any longer so I sent them a note cancelling the purchase.

Instead, I’ve ordered the V2 version of the cable from divineo in the UK. It looks like the only difference between the XCM Multi-Consoles Component Cable V2 and V3 is support for the PSP and Xbox which I’ll never have to worry about. It’s also slightly cheaper which is always a bonus. Hope they get it to me before the weekend.

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  1. That’s the problem when ordering from Hong Kong/Asia in general – the item either gets to you really quickly, or it takes an age. I’d actually forgot that you’re still playing with fuzz-o-vision!

  2. And divineo say they’ll ship the product by 4pm the same day but my cable obviously hasn’t shipped. Play Asia haven’t responded to my cancel message either. If I have to file a credit card chargeback I will. Grrr.

  3. Just received an email from Michelle at Play Asia. They’ve cancelled my order! Here’s hoping Divineo try to stick to their shipping policy.

    All orders placed before 16H00 (4PM) of an open day are shipped that very same day. After 16H00, packages are sent the next open day.

    1. Just noticed that my home address wasn’t confirmed on PayPal because I it was slightly different to that on my credit card statement. That may slow down delivery.

  4. This is downright silly now. In total I’ve received 3 replies from Play Asia confirming my order has been cancelled but the order I placed with divineo.co.uk is still “waiting shipment” and I haven’t heard anything back from my queries. Hardly a 24 hour service. Damn.

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