Is the iPad suitable for gamers? For iPa…

Is the iPad suitable for gamers? For iPad games yes, but really the device doesn’t interest me. I spend all my day at a desk where I have access to more powerful machines. If I was going anywhere would I lug around an iPad? Possibly but the price definitely puts me off as I do so little traveling. It’s not available on this side of the Atlantic yet anyway.

Some of my colleagues at work are going mad over the iPad but I wondered if it was suitable for gamers? Here’s one gamer’s review of it. The ability to play split screen games is interesting. I’d love to give it a go, but God, I’m trying to drum up the enthusiasm to finish this post quickly. It was never meant to be a gamer’s device:

Here’s the verdict:

If you have to question if this a true gaming device or not – then it’s not a gaming device. Its just a device with games on it.

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