Bad Company 2 Weapon Stats

Did you know that weapon statistics in Bad Company 2 change depending on platform? Me neither but this spreadsheet suggests it does.

For example, on PC the M60 does 25 points damage close up but on the consoles it does 31.3 points. It looks like all weapons are slightly more powerful on the consoles than on PC. Probably to help those of us who have to use a controller rather than a mouse and keyboard as FPSes were meant to be played with. (via)

Also check out Den Kirson’s page which is chock full of stats on just about everything in the game. I did not know this about spotting:

Spotting, like the repair tool, uses “overheat” to prevent excessive Socialize use.
The player is capable of about five Socialize button presses in rapid succession before overheating and being inoperable for five seconds.
With the cooldown, the fastest continuous rate that a player can spot without overheating is once every two seconds.

(via David)

I hope Den doesn’t mind me copying the images off his page. You should really visit there for complete explanations of what each abbreviation and column mean.

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