Good Saturday night gaming in Bad Compan…

Good Saturday night gaming in Bad Company 2. Had a couple of great games with some brilliant squads.

Only friend playing BC2 was Geoff (and his game was full when I tried to join), but I struck gold with my squads. We pushed hard, played as a team. I did my bit reviving and healing up people and even did reasonably well shooting. Managed to level up from 3 to 5, and I’m just over 1,000 medic points from unlocking the M60.

Red dot sight helps a lot when you don’t have HD. I was spotting like a mad man too!

I may never have a KDR above 1.0 but that’s ok. It’s a kick ass team game! 🙂

Stand out moment? Spawned on dsnez behind cover, we took out a load of the defenders and I flanked Bravo and set the bomb. I died but dsnez kept the bomb site clear and the bomb blew!

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  1. Well done on the levelling up – that’s a good run going up two levels.

    I’m about 2000 points off the M60. The next time I play as Medic I should have it but I’ve been trying to up my other kits. Medic is nice, but not as nice as a rocket launcher 🙂

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