I’m going to try both. But Bad Company 2 is a right arse of a game when you start off. I’m level 8 on Xbox and close to 3 on PS3 but the difference in guns and perks is significant.

Sasben was playing Squad TDM and I joined the game, but I was way out of my league so I didn’t hang around for long before retreating to a game of Rush. Hmm, didn’t do too well there either as the enemy knew how to play as a team. I did hear the odd voice on mic but tactics were out the door.

I played a few games with David and we finally won a round or two, but I’m going to hate looking at my stats when they update. Gulp. Oddly enough I couldn’t hear him at all, but I know he did as I called him back to get a health pack at one stage so I blabbered on. Hope it didn’t annoy him! 🙂

OMG, playing multiplayer games on standard definition is murder. Please please please cable deliver soon!