Shot down some air support in Modern War…

Shot down some air support in Modern Warfare 2 this evening and earned an achievement of some sort the Fly Swatter achievement (thanks Dave). Highlight of the evening coz the rest of the games were utter rubbish!




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  1. That was it! Thank you 🙂

    Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever progress from being an average or mediocre player at these games and then I’ll have a streak of 2 or 3 good games and it’ll be great again. Ah well.

    Went to bed last night before 9pm after another hectic day, but then I woke at 3am and didn’t sleep right for the rest of the night. Got a game of MW2 with guys from work tonight, hope that goes well!

    1. Shooting down air support is great – it’s one my main hobbies in game. I’ve taken to shooting down UAVs as well – takes about a clip using Stopping Power Pro but you have to check your mini-map to ensure you have team mates around you before you start shooting wildly at the sky…

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