Dropshots in Modern Warfare 2 are someth…

Dropshots in Modern Warfare 2 are something I need to practice now that I’ve switched to the tactical layout. SeaNanners has a good time getting a nuke without kill streaks on highrise and uses the technique quite a bit.


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  1. I used to drop shot all the time when I was PC gaming. Back then it was just called “Going Prone” though. Definitely effective, but I can’t get used to the tactical layout as to drop shot means that I’ve been surprised and if I’ve been surprised then that means that the enemy is close enough to knife. In that scenario I’d rather knife.

    I tend to go prone when reloading, or if I hear someone coming in a building. In the building when they come through the door they’re checking the other doorway and the corners, they don’t usually expect someone lying in the middle of the floor with a Spas-12…… got a triple on the middle building on Derail doing that – they just kept coming!?

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