Playstation Move, from the future by Kev…

Playstation Move, from the future by Kevin Butler.

It’s funny, and throws a few punches at the Wii and Natal but did you see the guy hunched over playing the FPS? If I had to do that for any length of time I’d be sending Sony the bills for my physio!

Oh, here’s a less than glowing review of the Playstation Move.

How did people react? There is a distinct lack of enthusiasm for the product, and people were talking about similarities to Nintendo titles and about the price of the product in hushed tones. There were jokes made about the look of the Move; many people compared it to a certain sexual toy. Others placed the glowing orbs on their crotch, to mimic testicles. In short, there wasn’t a lot of love for the Move at the launch.

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  1. No, no, no, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That pretty much sums up my attitude to “revolutionary” input devices on current platforms. The Wii barely pulls it off – and it was designed to use revolutionary input devices so what makes Microsoft and Sony think they can do better?

    When I play a game, I like to use a ‘controller’. The clue is in the name – control. I’m not in the game, I’m controlling what happens – waggling a hunk of plastic at the screen doesn’t change that. And being able to throw hooks instead of doggy paddling your opponent isn’t like real boxing either! You get no real force feedback from these devices that could make them more realistic. When you shoot your virtual gun does the controller fly wildly up in the air to mimic recoil – probably not, but while your aiming at the screen remains on target, in game your gun is probably shooting clouds. Do you get an elbow jarring, wrist breaking impact when you throw a punch in the boxing game? No, but your opponent’s head has come off……

    In my opinion they need to step away from the gimmicks. Yes, it’s interesting, but you just know that using those controllers you WILL end up catching red balls, and variants thereof (just like on the Wii).

    1. Agreed; these gimmicks are all marketing ploys to get non-gamers to participate in the medium. Hardcore gamers and FPSers (such as myself) will never ever ever play a game in this manner. These things belong in the toy aisles of Wal-Mart.

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