So this is what it’s like to play with …

So this is what it’s like to play with super humans …

I decided to try a game of Bad Company 2 after work this evening and started the game with an assault class (XMP whatever-it’s-called assault rifle) as a defender on Nelson Bay. You know, the map set at night. I hate it.

Anyway, the attackers took Alpha so we hunkered down at Bravo fending off all attacks and won very quickly. I managed to kill 13 for 11 deaths. Wow. That was fast.
Next round we were attacking, on the same map. Practically as soon as I spawned my team had set a charge on Alpha and next thing I knew that bomb had detonated. Within minutes Bravo was gone too! I barely fired a shot, didn’t kill anyone and died 4 times. But the game lasted all of about 3-4 minutes. That’s unheard of!

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