UTM stands for Urchin Traffic Monitor which is part of the Urchin Analytics product, acquired by Google when they released Google Analytics, thus the naming remains. Anyways, if you use Google Analytics you’ll find these parameters very useful to track several marketing campaigns, sources and mediums. It’s not just another way to track down your refferer.

For instance, if you’re purchasing two banners on website.com, one 468×60 and another 100×100, you can track down the hits, showing website.com as source, banner advert as medium and two different campaigns – 468×60 and 100×100, thus you’ll know where people click and where they don’t. All this is shown in your Google Analytics reports.

Sweet thing btw, you should check it out if you still didn’t 😉 I added GA tagging in my Twitter Friendly Links plugin, which transforms http://kovshenin.com/712 into http://kovshenin.com/wordpress/plugins/twitter-friendly-links/?utm_source= … etc, thus I’m always able to track where people are coming from. You know, twitter.com referrer is not the only Twitter client around. Others come up as “Direct hits” while they could be hits from TweetDeck or Seesmic, or even Echofon.

~ @kovshenin