Remove unused utm_source from your urls

Sometime last year I noticed that links to my blog on Feedburner had attracted a few extra parameters. A simple link to a post became this huge monstrosity:!)&

It’s a marketing thing right? It’s all useful information but I don’t really care about it, have never used it and don’t like my URLs getting mangled. It annoys me for two reasons:

  • People will probably use that big long url in their own posts. Other people will use the shortened custom permalink that my blog provides. Won’t the pagerank earned by the post be split in two now?
  • It makes caching less efficient. Supercache won’t create a static cached file of the page. It will create a regular php powered cache file but when you’re running Supercache you want the very best performance don’t you?

So I added a new option to Supercache to redirect the url and get rid of the utm_source bloat.

If you want to give it a go, grab the development version of the plugin and upgrade.

Oh, and if someone has decent docs on utm_source and it’s friends I’d love to read it. Google didn’t return much when I went looking.