WordPress MU 2.9.1 RC

WordPress MU 2.9.1 is almost ready but we need people to test it before the final release. This will be the final release before we start merging into WordPress so I’d love to get as many bugs as possible ironed out. Take a quick look at the tickets in Trac and see if you can fix any!

Check out revision 2044 or to get the latest code get it from trunk instead. If you’re not comfortable with Subversion access, there’s a zip file at the end of each page.

Only try this on a test server of course! The new version creates a new “commentmeta” table on each blog after you upgrade. That could be intensive on large sites. Ron points towards John’s script that adds those tables. I haven’t tried it yet (it’s a job for tomorrow!) but it’s definitely a good idea to create this table on all your blogs before you upgrade. Let me know how it goes.

14 thoughts on “WordPress MU 2.9.1 RC

  1. On development site – just upgraded to BP 1.2-rare trunk-r2284 and upgraded to WPMU 2.9 rc1 trunk-r2047 a few minutes later without disabling any mu- or regular plugins.

    No problems encountered probably because I had already experienced the commentmeta table hiccup and the solution for me when I upgraded to WPMU 2.9 beta 2 – trunk-r2026.last December 11 which I and reported here last Dec. 20th.

    mu-plugins and regular plugins working. Image uploading, video embedding and audio files all in good health along with regular posting, creating blogs and so forth. Only BP-centric functions are not stable because BP 1.2 in development.


  2. Hi all

    I came here looking for an advise:
    I´m planning to do a MU/BP install for a educational project.
    As i´ve read about the merge of mu and bp, what you guys could tell me?
    Is it better to wait a bit to start a brand new project or the final update will be a “piece of cake”?


  3. We are now running your 2.9.1 RC1 with the latest trunck of buddypress and they are sweet! Still testing, though.

    @wilson, it is the wp.org(single) and wpmu that’s going to merge. as for bp, the current trunk (v1.2) can now run on wp.org. I guess that’s also in preparation for the merging of codes.

    So if your plan is to launch a WP+BP powered social networking site, then go for wp.org 2.9.1 and the bp trunk (v1.2).

  4. @ria, thanks but actually i´m planning to use WPMU+BP on my Educational project. I need to offer the multi blog option for users. So I still need more “words of wisdom” from you guys 🙂


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