First game of 2010?

In years gone by I used to worry about the first game I’d play in the new year. When I say “years gone by”, I really mean it. This was around the time when Ikari Warriors and Armalyte were only a few years old, and I was a teenager pounding out ASM code on a C64 keyboard with an Action Replay.

Time passed and the PC rose to become the dominant gaming platform and with it my interest in games waned. Sporadic bouts of play included almost all the ID games and the original Half Life but as I had to reboot into Windows it was never going to last. In recent times I became the owner of my first two games consoles. First a Nintendo Wii (gathering dust in the living room) and an Xbox 360 this year that awoke in me the dormant games playing interest that had been killed off a dozen years ago.

So, this year I’m once again pondering what game will become that first one. Will it be the obvious choice of Modern Warfare 2? Or perhaps a bit of COD 4? Maybe even Batman: Arkham Asylum?

No, I think the first game of the teenies (or whatever we’ll call ’em) will be Trials HD. A kick ass game I already wrote about and couldn’t stop playing even after hitting the restart button a few dozen times!

What about you?

7 thoughts on “First game of 2010?

  1. Unless the swearably annoying last mission in GTA IV on the PC counts as I was playing it as the clock ticked over, then it would happen to have been Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box on Steam.

    Bought it while it was €7.50 a few days ago, and hadn’t got around to playing it, until I felt like it just there.

  2. I’m sticking with call of duty, multi player is what makes a game challenging for me. These types of games look nice, give some fun for awhile but i get bored fast 🙂

  3. I played Trials HD briefly before being called away for more pressing matters, then the demo of ATV vs something or other on the PS3, first time playing a PS3 game! Don’t like the controller much…

    Played a bit of Battlefield 1943 this evening. Nice game! Not quite as intense as Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer which was just fine by me. Not able for that today as it’s been a long day!

  4. An identical computer history here. I’ve just sold my Wii and my Xbox is getting far more use than I thought it would – never saw myself as a console person. The C64 screenshot has made me think I might just pull the old emulator out and reminisce like an old computer codger!

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