Yeah, I read about that in the comments 🙁

Anyway, I manage to get WP + Supercache and Mobile support 100% operational on Nginx + FastCGI .. the only part that’s still cracking my head are the http headers, atm Im forcing some headers via nginx conf, but is not dynamic as it is over apache.

I really believe that nginx is way more efficient than apache in so many ways that is shocking. I manage to get almost a 70% improvement on speed v/s resource utilization with this setup … like 4 times better than nginx + apache2.. and probably my machine (a 16 core, 13 gb ram monster) will not be able handle my websites with just and apache2 installation.

Well, I offer my help if you are willing to try further on an nginx enviroment, is becoming very popular this days … even is using it on the server mix!

Thank you for all your incredible work!