Good stuff, Doncha. I actually set this up on a Slice over at Slicehost almost a year ago and have been loving it. The only different configuration I managed to work out was breaking out the code for Super Cache so I had the choice whether to implement it on a site install or not. Plus, I have different conf files for each domain install on the server (most of which are WPMU installs, BTW, 😉 )

So, in one of those site installs, I’ll create a new “location” section and insert the following:

# Basic version of WordPress parameters, supporting nice permalinks.
# include /usr/local/nginx/conf/wordpress_params.regular;
# Advanced version of WordPress parameters supporting nice permalinks and WP Super Cache plugin
include /usr/local/nginx/conf/wordpress_params.super_cache;

This allows me to choose regular or Super Cache processing!

Thanks for posting this, cause it lets me and others know that we’re doing some things right!