Jelly pirates walk the plank

I can’t remember how I found this twitter account but Jelly SMS runs a jellysmspirates account listing people who are using a hacked copy of their software.

A real time feed of people who are using a hacked copy of Jelly SMS for iPhone or iPod Touch

If you use a hacked copy of their software you better watch out. Your info might be listed on that Twitter account!

The important question for developers is, “Does it work?” Apparently it does. The developer has even seen increased sales and says, “For me, piracy seems to be a good thing!”

I wonder if any other online services do the same?



6 thoughts on “Jelly pirates walk the plank

  1. Very good! I can see more developers using this technique for desktop apps. I know some people who don’t have any legal software on their machines not even the OS! 🙂

    On a different note. I just used your ‘Theme Tester’. Top Notch Plug-in!

  2. I hope that they have something listed in their T&C’s or their Privacy Policy that specifically states that misuse of their service will result in your details being published. Otherwise they could get in trouble with the Data Protection peeps…

    1. I thought about that too Chris, but as the user didn’t buy the software or enter into any sort of contract with the developer I’m sure it’s probably a grey area.

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