Has the WPMU/WP merge got anything to do with the leaked info regarding “BuddyPress for WP”? Would be logical, now that I think about it.

When in Paris last February, as I referred to the then freshly leaked info, Matt said to me he’d try it on his own blog first, when available (WP 2.8 seems too early still… WP 2.9 ? – I’d call it WP 3.0, as it would be a major change, and I would bet it might be available this Fall).

What I’m eagerly waiting for is for registered WP users – be it on WordPress.com or on any WP install – to be able to “interconnect” with each other wherever they are, making “friends”, carrying their profile and friends as they surf from one WP blog to another, just like you do with your own gravatar today, de facto creating THE ubiquitous social network of reference, 100% decentralized. (Well, you’d have to centralize some data, but from a user’s point of view, you would not feel stuck in a walled garden,and Oh my, what a beautiful business model for Automattic!) Definitely something you can bring to the bank.
And way sexier than any proprietary FB…
Pure Sci-Fi? Not so sure… long live open source :-)!