I agree with Chris. I’m a relatively newbie with WP, and have been looking at possibly using Drupal for centrally managing multiple projects for the long term.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been having to learn the hard way of how to harden WP for security reasons, and having a centralized way to do that for multiple domains would be a great advantage.

The WP/WP MU merger sounds perfect! I’d like to stick with one solution, and with this merger WP may be the ticket for my long term needs.

Regarding paying for plugins: I wouldn’t mind paying for ‘some’ premium plugins, but they’d need to be really worth it (and definately proven to be secure). I think having the bulk of plugins available for free, along with some tried-and-true premium ones available for purchase would be the way to go.

~Jeff (MileHighTechGuy)