WordPress MU 2.6.2

WordPress MU, the multi blog version of WordPress that runs on WordPress.com has been updated.

Version 2.6.2 is now available for download and is a required update. WordPress MU isn’t vulnerable to the security bugs that were the reason for WordPress 2.6.2 but it does contain a number of important bug fixes, including:

  1. xmlrpc.php works better if you use multiple sites. #735
  2. get_option() wasn’t reading all options.
  3. Configurable media buttons on the Write page. #598, #738
  4. 404 “file not found” errors on folder installs is mostly fixed. #745
  5. And more .. (timeline)

PS. Don’t forget the voting is now open in the WordPress MU plugin competition.
PPS. Registration is now open for BarCamp Cork II on November 1st. I’ve put my name down to give a talk there.

25 thoughts on “WordPress MU 2.6.2

  1. I’ve upgraded and I have to say I don’t remember seeing the little number on the Plugins tab telling me how many needed to be upgraded… but I like it

    Just like to add my thanks for spending so much time doing all the work on WPMU

  2. I’ll have to re-check, but I think in our case, the options were set to autoload. We’ve been suspecting a problem with their memcached object cache (either the plugin under MU, or the daemon itself, which is not the most current version).

    Thanks for the info!

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