I now see that you can no longer say anything meaningful other than repeating what you have been brought up to believe in – lies about the past and future of Tibet.
** Being Australian, I have not been brought up to believe in anything but a free-thinking democracy, unlike you.
1. I just quote, in a verifiable way, an iota of what Your Holiness truly did in Tibet before the 1950s. You chose not to see it.
** No, you quote Chinese propoganda.
2. I also quote a constitutional and legal reason why Tibet is part of China. You chose not to see it.
** Yes, YOU see, the rest of the world does not and they are taking action.
You repeatedly accused me of being puerile and childish. If being mature and adultish means choosing not to see facts, I’d rather be happy to remain a “child”.
** You are certainly proving that you like to be a child.
Maybe you don’t hate the Chinese people, but we don’t like you.
** That is to be expected, because I won’t be indoctrinated by you.
Frankly, we do not think we need Your Holiness’s patience and non-retaliation. Next time when you have dinner with Him, tell him to turn violent – we don’t care about it.
** The world needs all the patience and non-retaliation it can get. Ha! The Dalai Lama could not and would not, ever even think violently and that’s what the angry Chinese cannot understand.
If China, the world’s most populous country, the fourth largest economy and the fourth largest trader, is a small dot on Planet, then the world’s big dots are numbered at only three.
** And what three would they be?
Nobel Peace Prize for Your Holiness, a past slave owner and a man who fermented violence in Lhasa this March! My Lord!
** More childish fantasies. You really don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about, but it’s nice to know that you believe in the Lord.
Do you accuse the Catholic Church of the same things now that it refuses to acknowledge the “Bishop” that the Chinese government CHOSE and the Pope said ‘NO’ to? Oh, I forgot, they once had a serfdom too, didn’t they? But the worst serfdom in history is that of China’s and it continues under a RED BANNER called Communism. My how terrified you all are about the Olympics Games and look at the world support for the Tibetans as the torch travelled the world with your government’s “guards” trying to run next to the torch bearer.

GO AWAY – You’re boring!