Pippa, you WERE NOT responding to my previous post. If you do not want to debate with me over each element of my and your statements, our debate will go nowhere.
My post is not scattered and all over the place. Instead, each paragraph is actually in response to your previous post.
Before I get started, let me say that China did not need to “invade” its own territory, e.g. Tibet, to make it part of the country because it had been all along.
Could you please prove:
1) that the current Dalai Lama (in case you don’t know, the Dalai Lama is a Buddhist monk title awarded to one of the two ranking Tibetan Buddhists by the CHINESE Central Government, e.g. the Emperor of the Qing Dynasty before 1911, the Government of ROC before 1949, and the Government of PRC after 1949. Interested in this? When the one you met passed away in the coming years, China will APPOINT a new The Dalai Lama.) WAS NOT a feudal slave owner? Maybe you can get your answer by having your next dinner with Him! ?
2) that along domestic and international law lines, China did not have Tibet as part of it when ROC was created out of the Qing Dynasty and when PRC was created out of ROC? (If you couldn’t and stick with your Tibet-should-go-independent idea and practice it, then you are trying to carve up a country and will be subject to China’s Anti Secession Law.)
Maybe you grew up in a country, e.g. Japan, where only one nationality exists and cannot come to understand that a country can have more than one nationality? According to China’s constitution, China has 56 recognized nationalities (sorry about my misuse of nation in the previous post), which include Tibetans, Uygurs, Koreans, Mongolians, Russians, to name a few you may have heard of. When I said “banana republics” (for your information, Australia and New Zealand are not REPULICS because they have the British Queen as head of their governments), I meant those tiny states which have diplomatic ties with the ROC on Taiwan. We now back up North Korea not out of ideological considerations. Considering the U.S. outright refusal of any attempted Russian military presence on Cuba, China’s patience is extraordinary.
Of course, you cannot afford showing prejudice against the Chinese people just I cannot against ordinary Westerns. Also, when you say “nothing will stop the world demanding that China be investigated for human abuse”, if you meant the Chinese government by the word “China”, it’s perfectly ok. But, do not be mistaken, because we stand with our Government when it defends Tibet or Taiwan against any attempts to take it away from us.
About China’s political and economic systems, what I know about it is that China is a Communist country that has a market economy. Sounds strange? Reality is not black and white. It can be gray. The reason for us to want to be more Western is that we also want to sit on top of the world’s food chain and exploit other smaller and weaker predators, just as your West is doing to the poor and poorest countries, including China. If you really appreciate the Old China and its values and religion, you can find them in China’s Taiwan and Hong Kong. In my opinion, they are more Chinese than the Chinese mainland is, which has been changed by Mao Zedong and its Communist comrades beyond recognition. But, if you appreciate the old China the West can dictate to and boss around, you will be very much disappointed.
In case you don’t know, China also has a version of social security system though it now only covers urban residents and has started to reach rural ones.
Are you sure democracy is not a money thing? Please ask McCain, Obama, and Hillary how much they have spent in their presidential races. True that money cannot do anything; it’s also true that you can do nothing without money. You were oversimplifying the Tyrant-overthrown thing. Explain to me why the U.S. supported Iraq in the war against Iran and later invaded it (the true lexicon meaning of the word INVADE) and overthrew its government though Iraq had been governed by Saddam Husane all along? Before you answer, I quote a key word: oil, which points to money.
Quite frankly, too, the truth has its limits, outside of which it’s meaningless.