How strange! On one hand you are claiming that the Tibetan people are Chinese and on the other hand you call it the “Tibetan nation”. You also state that you don’t run ‘propoganda against the Tibetans in general’, just the Dalai Lama? Pardon me, but I have lived with the Dalai Lama’s family in Dharamsala and met the Dalai Lama several times and there is nothing at all fake or false about this great person. Your words are meaningless because they are not from your first hand knowledge and mine are.
Your post is very scattered and all over the place.

If I ask a Korean, Mongolian, Tibetan “are you Chinese”? They emphatically deny such a thing – it takes two sides to agree. According to your statement, the USA, Europe and Australia and New Zealand are “banana republics” because they are trying to stop what is happening in Korea, which is backed by China.

China was in no better state when they invaded Tibet, they were poor too and so were many countries in the world. This does not give China the right to illegally invade and take over another country and try to claim it as part of their own.
I have no prejudice against the Chinese people at all, but I will always advocate human rights and nothing will stop the world demanding that China be investigated for human abuse.
What do you call your political system then? If it is not Communism, then you say it’s a Capitalistic society – so what exactly is this? Money for the wealthy, nothing for the poor and a government that dictates. If the west is so dreadful, why would China want to be anything like us? I really appreciate “old China” and the values, religion and respect they had for people… Such a shame it is no more.

You do not understand that in my country we have social security so that everyone receives government benefits in order to eat. You certainly have a strange idea of democracy! It is not about money at all. I am happy for your country that it is making a lot of money, but money means little to me. Care for people of all races means a lot. From the way you write it seems that you believe that money can do anything, but it cannot. Tyrants have been overthrown for human rights again and again throughout history and not for money.

Quite frankly, I don’t care what you “buy” or do not “buy”. The truth is the truth and you cannot refute that.