No, I won’t forget about those photos. You were using them as part of your propoganda campaign against the Dalai Lama and the Tibetans in general and now you turn around and childish throw names about! Can you prove your statement about the Dalai Lama – that is more to the point!

In a democracy we can protest openly without recrimination, we can petition and change laws in our governments. The will of the people is what a democracy is all about, but you wouldn’t know that. We can write and say whatever we like and we can challenge the government on decisions, attend parliamentary meetings and object, because we are the ‘owners’ of our own country; the leaders are not!

You are a sad person to believe what you are told and enjoy living in ignorance. All your possessions in this life, won’t go with you when you die, but then you are a Communist (I presume) and therefore there is nothing after death.

Tibetans have the right to say who is their ‘brother or sister’ and they certainly do not believe the Chinese people are, and either does the rest of the world; but again, you would not know as your media is censored and so everything you read.

There is poverty throughout the world, so why did you choose to state that Tibetans ONLY had poverty?

Our “only speech” (as you call it), stopped the war in Vietnam, changed Aboriginal Rights in Australia, is calling world attention to China and what is really happening, investigating Japanese whaling, bringing about the end of the war in Iraq – “only speech” is very powerful and that is what makes the difference between humans and animals.

Freedom of speech is the hallmark of a democracy, but the opposite is true of Communism.