The noble sport of motorhome racing

Richard Hammond founded a new motor sport for last week’s Top Gear. Motorhome Racing! The rules are quite strict, it’s a no contact race, and the aim of the race is to be able to drive home afterwards. Pity the other drivers didn’t know the rules ..

I was going to blog the review of the impressive (but not new) Alfa Romeo 159 by James May on the same show, but hey, after the motorhome race all bets were off. That was just too good to miss! Unfortunately I had already found the video so look for it after the jump!

11 thoughts on “The noble sport of motorhome racing

  1. As much as I love the Alpha, I will never be allowed one. My wife hates the (get this!) offset front number plate and that rejects the whole car for her. Sucks.

    I missed Sunday’s episode so thanks for posting it. A slight correction to the last commenter: racing, destroying caravans and crashing at speed are Hammond’s three favourite things. 😉

  2. this has to be one of the worst possible sports ever, not only dont people have these available but who knows how to race them? i dont understand nor will i the concept of this being releveant to any sport or activity where smart people would invest their time or money.

  3. Alfa Romeo is so beutifull but they have been rubbish on reliability from year to year. Love to ride one but not own one. Sad that the Hammond YouTube video has removed from the service and I can’t watch it 🙁

  4. That was an awesome episode of Top Gear, I liked the way the rally drivers tried to start all civilised at the start, not touching each other, and then all decends into mayhem and carnage…its one of the only good things about Sunday evening’s.


  5. I love it how they trash motorhomes. That flying motorhome was also a classic btw, it must have been awesome flying in that thing. It has been a while since they’ve trashed a motorhome come to think of it…

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